Strategy & Research

We start by understanding what we’re trying to achieve. Not just what we’re trying to make, but the core objectives of that thing: Drive sales? Engage more users? Raise brand value? Remove friction in onboarding?

That’s where we begin.

Then we dig in to understand the realities on the ground. Sometimes you already know the root causes of customer pain points, sluggish ecommerce sales, and low brand awareness; sometimes you don’t. We’re equipped to help you in either case. We’ll run discovery sessions to learn what you know or conduct audits and research to uncover what we all need to know. We’ll work with you upfront to determine the right approach for your needs.

We take this learning and insight and feed it back into the creative and technical decisions we make from here on out. This is how we set a strong strategic foundation and shared vision for our work, and provide a clear roadmap for you and your organization about what to expect from our work.

Discovery Workshops

We guide you to collect the materials, data, people, and insights we need to understand and define the challenge we’re trying to address. We then lead a group of select stakeholders through lively discussion and activities to further investigate and define the situation, build consensus, and create a shared vision of the future, ideal state.

KPIS & Reporting

A common outcome of discovery is that we learn there are more things you should be measuring, especially when it comes to your online presence. We leverage our understanding of your objectives to establish additional KPIs other tools for ongoing measurement and reporting.


Why aren’t your current channels and touchpoints performing the way you expected them to? We conduct brand, UX, and analysis of your communications, websites, call center scripts, transactional materials — all the ‘stuff’ that makes up a customer or employee experience — and tell you what’s working and what’s not. This serves as a critical baseline for any future work.

Interviews & Observation

Not sure why customer aren’t buying or why employees aren’t engaged? We take full advantage of remote tools to recruit, screen, and run moderated and unmoderated research events with your users. It’s an incredibly cost- and time-effective way to find out what’s going on in your universe.

Strategic Planning

We collaborate with you to make sense of all this information and insight. We create actionable recommendations and roadmaps that can be implemented right away and over time.

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