Kerry Bodine is an expert on customer experience. Not only has she written a book on the subject that Steve Forbes described as a “need-to-know look at how companies achieve sustainable success in dealing with customers,” but she travels around the globe to bring her message and tactics of customer engagement to organizations of all sizes and industries. Her unique perspective combines hard core consulting chops with a commitment to bringing a joyful, optimistic attitude to work. Our challenge was to convey that balance of happy expertise through a re-designed site and full suite of communications materials.

We let Kerry’s work and client list do a lot of the heavy lifting: straightforward content that gets to the heart of her expertise and offering, with clear calls to action for would-be clients to engage. We let the design bring the joy: bold colors, vibrant patterns and engaging graphics are meant to express Bodine and her colleague’s commitment to having fun while doing serious work.
Like all our work, our focus was on developing materials and tools that meet our clients’ IRL needs; often times, this means helping them to determine what’s a realistic expectation for new content to be added to the site or across social channels. For this project, the back-end was built with enough flexibility for Kerry to update content easily when needed, without creating a content beast that must be fed constantly.

Website + Mobile Redesign