After twenty years serving as the internal payment processing platform for technology-hospitality company Metglobal, Paytrek knew it had a product that was tried, tested and honed to deal with global payments. It took the opportunity to spin off from Metglobal to serve the needs of companies around the globe, and needed a new brand and site to tell a compelling story about a company entering a highly sophisticated and competitive space.

Brand, story and site were all developed in tandem as we (our collective team of Brandseers and FourByNorth) sought to develop an authentic, powerful position that expresses the company’s competitive advantage. Not only does the site’s visual style reflect Paytrek’s optimistic maturity, but its content bridges the gap between technical features and real-world benefits for business owners. Told both through robust feature descriptions and narrative stories of companies, users are shown how businesses of different sizes and at different stages can use Paytrek to level up their operations.

Website + Mobile Design