Idemama Website Redesign

Promoting the value of creative services to small businesses is always a challenge. Small business owners must carefully balance their need for creative services with their budgets, and often are unsure of how to source and manage creative work. On the other hand, creative professionals are always looking for opportunities to provide quality creative services for a fee that matches their skills and time. Initiating a productive relationship between these two parties can be difficult, and Idemama was born out of that need.

A company designed to help small businesses access affordable design solutions, Idemama is an online platform that matches business owners with creative professionals. But rather than just matchmaking, idemama creates the framework in which specific services are described, priced and carried out.

Because idemama is the steward of this process, a large part of their charge is to make sure that everyone has a shared understanding of what a project entails and that its stages are carried out seamlessly. FourByNorth was enlisted to bring the site in line with idemama’s brand guidelines and to insure that core functions were simple and effective.

Working within Idemama’s brand guidelines, we developed a site experience that appealed to both designers and business owners, making it simpler for them to convert from visitors into project owners and service providers. The steps to begin a project were stripped down to just 3. What had been barriers to conversion — unanswered questions and flexibility in payment — were addressed with prominent, persistent access to customer service and payment options while setting up a project. And one of the most confounding questions for businesses and designers alike — what is a project worth — was tackled with microinteractions to help customers better gauge what an appropriate budget is for various services.