Brandseers Website Design

A new venture’s site becomes the centerpiece of an effort to raise awareness about their offering, build crediblity, and engage and re-engage users over time. Developing a site from the bottom up can be a Herculean task; it becomes a process to define what a company wants to say about itself, its future and where it sits within the industry. To translate all this into an online experience, you have to understand what makes them tick, what makes them unique. For this assignment, we teamed up with BrandSeers, a newly-formed brand consultancy in Istanbul and our strategic partner. We have collaborated with BrandSeers since its founding and share the team’s vision of how branding must evolve to better meet the demands of the Turkish market. We identified the site as an opportunity to bring the consultancy to life and to put forth a bold vision of the value of strategic branding services and meaningful creative execution in Turkey.

The outcome was to create an online presence that was driven by both strategic thinking and creative expression. From a UI perspective, we developed unique ways for them to express themselves and their ideas, showcase their work, highlight their expertise, and let prospects identify services that might be relevant to them through case studies and service descriptions. From a back-end perspective, we worked closely with our developer to create a site that can be easily maintained and updated by BrandSeers going forward, and that will support growth into a Turkish-language version as well. Anecdotal response to the site has been tremendously favorable, and supported by analytics that reveal a low bounce rate and high engagement of visitors. “The site will definitely set you apart.” “The site makes me think I need your advice.” “Brilliant.”