Garanto Car Service Website Design

Every second-hand car buyer has one nagging question on his mind: How can I be sure this vehicle is in good condition? Garanto offers a service to inspect and certify second-hand vehicles, and in doing so, hopes to assist buyers gain peace of mind about what they’re purchasing. Sellers receive a certificate of their Garanto Score, which they can share with potential buyers to back up their claims of quality, and their vehicles will be showcased on Garanto’s web site. As a new service to the automative market in Turkey, Garanto wanted to create an online experience that aligned seamlessly with its offline services, and to help establish the company as a credible, professional and trustworthy.

FourByNorth began its partnership with Garanto by understanding the automotive industry in Turkey: what are the challenges, perceptions and conditions that would affect this new service? And how can their digital presence help to overcome these obstacles? The result was a site that fit seamlessly into the broader customer experience and created a bold, professional-looking space for Garanto to showcase its services. The site was designed to promote products and features that dominate Garanto’s strategy, to answer questions both about Garanto services as well as buying and selling second-hand cars.