UB Holding Website Design

Any web project is defined by a number of factors, but for UB Holding, our mandate was clear: a site that would seamlessly extend UB’s new brand presence, further establishing its professionalism and commitment to international standards, while being cost effective to build and maintain.

In doing so, we focused on the defining brand characteristics that reflected these attributes and made them key elements in the design: strong colors, soft glowing gradients, aspirational imagery, clean typography and elegantly simple navigation. When establishing credibility, we know how critical it is to show proof; that’s why we relied on the numbers to do much of the telling. Statistics about the company’s growth and the foundation’s impact are used to make the logical case; stories from children benefiting from them tell the emotional one.

To achieve the second objective, we built the site’s framework on Squarespace to give UB an inexpensive off-the-shelf content management system and injected code to customize the site’s visual style to align with UB’s unique brand.