Reina Rebelde Website Design & Deployment

To hear the full story about why we recommended that Reina Rebelde move from WooCommerce to Shopify, you can check out the audit. The short story is that both front-end and back-end limitations were hamstringing the store experience AND the company’s ability fulfill key business tasks easily.

First, we wanted to support the business. Moving to Shopify meant that the team would easily be able to monitor and manage most ecommerce functions with off-the-shelf features. For others, we customized the build to give the team more control to test out what worked best for them.

Second, we wanted to support the customer. Content-wise, there was a disconnect from the brand’s rich visuals and storytelling on Instagram and YouTube; the site was all about selling individual products. We updated page designs and content strategy to pull the experience from social into product pages, tutorials, and look books that increased page visits and duration on site. To boost conversion, we streamlined the checkout process to boost confidence and ease friction.

“From the website audit to the redesign, very organized implementation, and on-call help they provided during the launch of our new site, the process was seamless and actually kind of fun.”

Regina Merson, President & Founder, Reina Rebelde


Within a year of engaging 4xN, Reina Rebelde

Tripled its conversion rate and increased in AOV

Saw a more than 10% increase in returning customers