Reina Rebelde Website Audit

A beauty brand designed by and for latinas? Yes, please!
Reina Rebelde has a powerful vision and quality product that wasn’t being reflected in the experience of its online store. It was a consumer brand that had great relationships with consumers in store at select Target locations and on Instagram, but it wasn’t connecting with consumers on its own site. Why not?

That’s what we asked during our audit of the site’s analytics. We partnered with Reina Rebelde’s leadership to understand where the site was underperforming from a business perspective, and then dug into the data to understand where users were encountering problems. We looked at conversion numbers, page views, time on site, traffic from social, drop off rates, mobile activity — a 360-view of what was going on.

We then delivered a report of our findings, prioritizing the most critical aspects and mapping out other mid- and long-term goals to continue improving engagement and increase conversion.

“Working with FourByNorth was a wonderful, stress-free experience! We look forward to working with them again.”

Regina Merson, President & Founder, Reina Rebelde


Within a year of engaging 4xN, Reina Rebelde

A new, high-performing website in under 8 weeks

Migrating the site and inventory from WooCommerce to Shopify

Retooling design and content to better support business needs. For the full story, check out the case study