Floorplan Product Innovation Crowdsourcing

Last year, 4xN’s rug venture, Floorplan Rugs, launched its Kickstarter project RugYourCity to engage artists and architects the world over to create rug designs inspired by New York City. This year, we hosted an open call for entries throughout July on our Facebook page, inviting the public to vote for their favorite Los Angeles-inspired rug designs. The 5 designs with the most votes would become handmade rugs produced by Floorplan.

When it comes to Los Angeles, notorious traffic patterns and the sprawling, diverse character of the city are what make this city so unique — or so one can surmise from the winners of the Los Angeles Rug Your City Design Challenge we launched this summer. As with last year’s New York City challenge, we were excited to see which aspects of LA artists and designers would choose to reflect in their designs. This year, though consistent themes emerged for both local and global participants, the creative representations came to life in starkly different ways.

Based on the support gained online, the winners are VIBES, PCH, NETWORK, LA LANDSCAPE, UNDERLYING FABRIC. VIBES is first up on the production schedule and should be hitting our online store this spring.