Finansbank + New Service Innovation

It’s no secret that banking has changed: attitudes, needs and behaviors are rapidly evolving as customers use their tablets, phones and computers to access account information, make payments and manage virtually every aspect of their financial life, without ever talking to a bank employee. Which begs the question: What is the role of a branch in this day and age? Or more specifically, when does a customer value an interaction with a human representative of the bank? These were the questions on the mind of one major financial institution in Turkey as it geared up to enter into a new era of branchless banking.

FourByNorth was engaged to consider what these questions — and their potential answers — meant for the Turkish customer in 2012. We undertook 6 weeks of research and analysis to identify digital behaviors and attitudes locally, benchmarks and best practices globally, and to consolidate a set of findings and recommendations that directly influenced the strategy used to launch a predominantly branchless bank in Turkey.