Appinionator: New Product Design

Combine hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from with an ever-increasing pool of smart phone, iPad and mobile device owners. A clear need emerged: a way for people to filter through and select the apps that are right for them. Currently, there are only a few ways try to manage the melange: A flat star-based rating system aggregated by people you’ve never met, services like Appolicious and Yappler that create an isolated space a user has to manage, or the “old fashioned” way — ask your technophile friend to email you a list of apps to buy. None of these meet the needs of the user group or take advantage of the channels we have at our disposal, namely a social graph of people we trust more than strangers and a web environment where we already spend a lot of time. Thus, Appinionator was conceived: a Facebook application that will be the easiest way to share iPhones, iPod and iPad app ratings with your friends.

When NYC-based entreprenuer James Bradley called wanting to tackle this issue head on, FourByNorth was ready and willing to throw in its expertise and resources, and partner with Bradley and Boojum Mobile in San Diego to transform a great idea into a working solution to the “app problem.” The outcome is a two-tiered system: Appinionator Companion, a desktop software application that reads a user’s iTunes library and automatically uploads apps to be rated in Facebook, and Appinionator, a Facebook application where users can rate and share apps, and easily track and browse apps being used by their friends. After some not-so-friendly terms restructuring by the App Store, we are pivoting to move forward with a more open platform solution.