Bodine & Co. Website Redesign

Bodine & Co is focused on strategic growth. It’s dynamic and optimistic, both in attitude and in offering, and it needed a website upgrade to match its trajectory. Our intention with the site redesign was to:

  • Reflect a more sophisticated brand language
  • Break out of boxes and elevate more of the content and story
  • Create flexibility for expansion of products and services
  • Offer more opportunities for engagement through signups and contact forms
  • Balance their expertise with fun personality through high-impact visuals
  • Set a foundation that can scale to support future business objectives
  • Upgrade features to allow for functions like event registration and ecommerce fulfillment

“Gorgeous designs that embodied that spirit of our organization — and seamlessly managed the entire process so that I could stay focused on our business.”

Kerry Bodine


Within a year of engaging 4xN, Kerry Bodine & Co.

Anecdotally, the site is frequently praised by both prospects and clients.

We see an uptick in time spent on site, inquiries submitted, and newsletter subscribers.

The site continues to easily scale when new offerings and services are added.