Bodine & Co Brand Upgrade & Photoshoot

Kerry Bodine runs a world-class consulting practice. Her operation and offerings are solid and growing fast…..but much of the world just didn’t know it yet. Kerry had a brand that was visually pretty and approachable, but it wasn’t communicating that she and her colleagues are serious professionals at the height of their game — who also happen to be a lot of fun to work with.

We took a multi-pronged approach in updating the brand: refreshing colors and typography for a more robust set of tools and rules; ditching figurative icons in favor of rich abstract graphics; and the central piece, planning and producing a photoshoot to use Bodine & Co. Website Redesign across every channel.

The photoshoot was a stem-to-stern effort. We had a vision for what the end results should look like, found and secured the location, assisted in wardrobe picks, sourced a photographer and makeup artist, planned the shot list, purchased props, set dressed, prepped volunteer participants — the works.

When heads of Fortune 500 companies are viewing your website, you have mere seconds to convey enough gravitas and credibility to build trust.


One day of shooting set us up with hundreds of gorgeous photos that do an incredible job showing so many things we want people to know about the brand, Kerry, her team, and the kind of work they do.

These assets were rolled out in the website, marketing and promotional materials, emails, ads, social channels, and more.

For more on the brand upgrade, see how it played out in the website and speaking reel.