RP Brooks Identity Redesign + Naming

An established family business, RP Brooks & Son has been providing Southern California with luxury outdoor furnishings for the better part of 50 years. As the torch was passed from one family member to another (and no longer a son), Brooks saw it as a chance to update the name and identity to better reflect its high end outdoor furniture and distinguish itself in the market.

One of the chief concerns in moving away from the company’s original name was remaining recognizable to its existing customers, while taking up a more modern mantle. We guided the company to Brooks Outdoor — keeping the family’s namesake while refocusing on their wares.

Breaking with the standard black & gold color palettes of luxury furniture companies, we led Brooks to a more royal and calming color scheme of navy, sky blue and white. We built a dynamic identity approach that allows them to use a set of illustrated furniture pieces in various campaigns.