Greenlots Website

Greenlots had a website — but it was not working for them. Like many companies moving rapidly from startup to juggernaut, the website it had thrown online in its early days was no longer doing its core job: clearly communicating the company’s value and suite of service offerings. Since its founding, Greenlots had grown. It offered more services and solutions to more audiences. It had more team members who needed the site to do more things and convey more messages. It knew where it stood in the marketplace and what made it unique. It had become smarter, leaner, and even more focused in its vision for the future.

We worked with Greenlots to create a website that reflected its new brand identity, met the needs of staff and stakeholders, and communicated and energized audiences around its optimistic vision for the future.

“As head of sales of other organizations I know how much time it takes to get it right. It truly is amazing. I really commend you on this accomplishment.”

Sales director, Greenlots


Within a year of engaging 4xN, Greenlots

Was backed by the Energy Impact Partners, one of the world’s leading utility investment coalitions.

Launched partnerships with Electrify America, PGE, Burns McDonnell, Seattle City Light, Volvo, BMW, Avangrid, Envoy, SDGE, American Electric Power, PG&E

And in early 2019, Greenlots became a member of Shell, one of the world’s largest energy companies.