Greenlots Brand Basics & Design Toolkit

When a company wants — and needs—to update its brand, there is a tested, thorough process to establish a solid foundation that lasts for years. But the reality for many companies is that there’s neither the time, the money, nor the appetite to undertake a comprehensive branding program.

That was Greenlot’s position in 2017: an anemic set of visual and brand tools that failed to communicate its optimistic vision for the future and how its highly sophisticated technical services and expertise would get them there.

We took Greenlots through a lean, rapid design process to upgrade its brand identity and establish a robust set of assets and tools to use across collateral, products and channels, in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost.

“I have no doubt that we would not have attracted the same caliber and volume of investors without Four By North’s work.”

Michelle Meyer, Director of Marketing, Greenlots


Within a year of engaging 4xN, Greenlots

Was backed by the Energy Impact Partners, one of the world’s leading utility investment coalitions.

Launched partnerships with Electrify America, PGE, Burns McDonnell, Seattle City Light, Volvo, BMW, Avangrid, Envoy, SDGE, American Electric Power, PG&E

And in early 2019, Greenlots became a member of Shell, one of the world’s largest energy companies