Grand View Research Brand Rollout & Training

Time and again, we see companies invest in new brands, new messages, new tools — and then we see them fail to be leveraged to their fullest extent. Why? Because brands live and die in day-to-day operations, and if the entire organization isn’t using the new brand, messages, or tools, then they’re not part of day-to-day operations.

Fortunately, Grand View Research understood the value of educating its team on the changes to tools, assets, and the brand. We wrapped up the program into an initiative called ONE GVR that articulated a mission and vision that would be relevant for internal stakeholders. Then we produced a cohesive rollout across the organization:

  • Rollout plan
  • Initiative email series
  • Rollout presentation deck for all-hands meeting
  • Follow-up “office hour” support calls for questions
  • Submission process for ongoing questions and support
  • Interla platform to host all ONE GVR assets and guidelines

“If you don’t teach your team the rules of the game, they won’t know how to play…or even that there’s a game going on.”

Erin Eisinger, Founder of 4xN


Employee reaction to ONE GVR

Rather than feeling burdened to learn a new set of tools, employees were excited about this initiative from Day One.

Employees reported feeling optimistic about the positive change this effort would have on the organization and confident that they would have the support they needed to implement it well.

Managers reported higher rates of adoption than previous initiatives and praised the system of feedback/support provided during and after rollout.