Grand View Research Report Templates

How do you ensure quality and consistency when you have hundreds of analysts producing bespoke deliverables? By nailing down anything that doesn’t need to change. By focusing efforts on producing quality information.

Grand View Research generates more than 1,000 reports every single year, across more than 50 industries and 50 countries. Its 250+ analysts are experts in research methodologies and in their subject areas, and they create robust data sets and insights for clients. With a team that size, it’s easy for deliverables to vary wildly based on personal processes and tastes, legacy documentation and tools, and departmental differences.

We worked with Grand View to review and understand the range of information they produce across their reports and created a highly-designed and formatted set of templates that works within their current workflow. Using a combination of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, we designed tools that support their reporting, analysis, and graphics needs— all while locking down styles and automating the production of chart and graphics.

Repeat business is driven by satisfaction in the initial product and by the confidence that the next purchase will deliver similar results. That confidence is created through quality and consistency.


Within a year of engaging 4xN, Grand View Research

Consistency across the organization's products

More efficient use of analyst time when producing reports

Greater client confidence in the quality of reporting