Collectorspace Environmental Design

Collectorspace is not only a new venue to open in Istanbul, but it’s a radical new kind of art exhibition space. Haro Çumbuşyan and the founders of collectorspace wanted to pull back the curtain from some of the great unseen treasures of the artworld: private collections. The purpose is not for sale or social benefit in the way museums function, but to help facilitate a dialogue around the nature, contents and value of personal artistic collections. However, rather than showing every piece in a collection, collectorspace would only feature one. When Haro came to FourByNorth, their challenge was to help transform the tiny space into a unique experience for viewing art and to make it recognizable to passersby — all within a very short timeframe.

FourByNorth set out designing spatial concepts to view the work in a way that harmonized with the organization’s corporate identity and that explored the many meanings of a public viewing of a private collection. We also quickly designed the environmental typography that would identify the space and provide context to the work. FourByNorth continues to work with collectorspace to conceive of new spacial arrangements and experiences for future collections.