Avon Employee Engagement Program

The Avon Company has earned a rich legacy and success in markets across the globe, and Avon Turkey has been a market leader since its founding. It has brought employment opportunities and products to women across the country and has been successful at achieving its mantra as a Company for Women. But like any other business, it is facing increased competition as markets become more competitive and customers’ needs evolve. In response, the Avon Company create a new leadership model to engage and empower its workforce to become active drivers of change across the organization. Our charge was to help bring these concepts to life in Avon Turkey, and to create a standard that could be adopted by Avon globally.

Before putting pen to paper on how to launch this new model, we spent time in the offices and in the field to understand the environments and attitudes of the employees. What are their concerns? Aspirations? And perceptions about launching this new leadership model? What are the obstacles that need to be overcome? Answering these questions laid the foundation for an identity and positioning we developed with Brandseers to launch the model. Centering on the notion of the compass, the platform has been designed as a tool that will help guide employees as they take up the mantel of leadership. With bold colors, inspirational quotes, and a strong visual language, we applied the identity and comms messaging across the work environment, from a large scale wall installation to mousepads and desktop calendars.