Finansbank Employee Engagement Program

In some ways, defining an ideal customer experience sounds pretty straightforward: You conduct research to identify what customers want and need, then create desirable, profitable solutions to meet those needs. But even if you could innovate that easily, as any CEO can attest, complexities arise when trying to deliver those “desirable solutions.” Without an enthusiastic, skilled workforce, it is profoundly difficult to meet customer expectations and live up to the promise of great service. After undergoing a brand overhaul ın 2010, Finansbank turned its attention internally — communicating its new vision and mission to employees and actively engaging them in defining the bank’s future.

Rarely are consultants given the opportunity to push the envelope and develop new methods to engage employees, but we were given significant room to explore. After we tailored a unique roadmap of more than 80 events and communications opportunities, FourByNorth and Brandseers helped Finansbank to educate employees about changes taking place at the bank, and enabling them to identify their individual role in it. In effect, we transformed what was a top-down change management program into a grass roots initiative. Within this scope, we worked with BrandSeers to develop an 8-minute animation summarizing the change program, earned an International Stevie’s Award for Motivational Video.