Pronet Security Customer Experience Audit

When FourByNorth began working with Pronet’s alarm business in early 2009, it was undergoing a brand strategy update to breath life into the company and provide clear vision for the future. As Pronet worked with its creative agency to discover how to best express a more engaging brand, FourByNorth set out to understand a simple question: from a customer’s point of view, what is it like to do business with Pronet?

After conducting field research with customers across Istanbul, FourByNorth created a comprehensive view of the typical customer lifecycle with Pronet, which identified critical points of engagement. We provided a touchpoint analsysis against our EQ/IQ scale to determine how well communications were supporting Pronet’s corporate objective to be the premier security provider in Turkey. We then created a set of recommendations, collaborated with Pronet to prioritize short, mid and long-term action items and worked with them to implement the most critical tasks, including: redesigning forms for clarity and more efficient data entry; developing new B2B and B2C sales materials and creating a quick reference guide for all new customers.