Finansbank Corporate Communication Guidelines

All too often, employees are overlooked as an important audience for companies, when, arguably, they are some of the most critical stakeholders within an organization’s ecosystem. Finansbank recognized the need to approach its communications with its 13,000-member staff in a more consistent, persuasive way, and to do so within its existing infrastructure. The HR department took on the task of aligning communications so as to better reflect the new emphasis the organization was placing on its brand values, customer service and teamwork.

Our goal was to create a tool that would allow the HR department to take a more proactive, empathetic approach to communications that would better serve employee needs, more clearly communicate company policies, and meet both HR and enterprise-wide objectives. FourByNorth worked closely with Finansbank’s HR team and our sister company, Brandseers, to develop a robust set of communications guidelines that lays out the practices, mindset and planning tools needed to enact a more employee-centered approach to internal communications.