Aygaz Sustainability Campaign + Website Design

The major issues facing us today — the ones that warrant the most attention — are the same ones that we work so hard to avoid. Why? Not because we don’t care. Not because we don’t know they’re important. But often because the truth behind them is scary and complex, and as individuals, we feel powerless. ‘But what can I do?’ might very well be our swan song.

So when one of Turkey’s largest LPG providers, Aygaz, enlisted us and our brand consultancy partner, Brandseers, to help them inform the Turkish public about the potential of LPG as a “fuel of the future,” we saw an opportunity. When we’re talking about what fuel people use to power their cars for home and for work, we’re talking about critical choices that affect climate change — one of the leading issues that fall within that category above. We saw it as a chance to really inform people about the impact their individual decisions do have, especially on those they care about, and to provide them with some clear actions to take, car or no car.

Before telling the story of climate change’s impact in Turkey, we had to understand what was really going. This entailed some intense digging — possibly more subject matter research than any project we’ve undertaken — and many internal discussions about what would rally people, and what would have them packing for the hills. We decided that rather a thesis on climate change, we would develop a simple platform that allows Turkish people to explore the impact of climate change on dimensions that matter to everyone: economics, health, access to nature. We would develop a brand and language that was optimistic, even in the face of some staggering statistics.

The outcome was a multi-faceted approach to telling this story:

  • For people who like to take their time and guide their own adventure, we developed a parallax site with statistics, graphics and stories that reflect the very real nature of climate change….and guide people to specific actions they can commit to via social media (similar to telling friends you’ve taken up a running challenge on Facebook). One of these actions is for users to convert their existing car into an LPG-fueled one.
  • For those who worry about future generations, there’s nothing more powerful than seeing through the eyes of a child. Here, Brandseers and Write This Down produced a film where children are presented with the realities of climate change, and in their words, you hear them ask our generation what we plan to do about it.
  • For the children themselves, a simple animation of what cars have to do with climate change at all.


Brandseers and FourByNorth were honored with

The Felis Achievement Award for Environmental and Sustainability PR