Engagement Program + Design

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Challenge Johnson & Johnson’s GenH (Health) Challenge calls upon designers, entrepreneurs, and medical field experts —doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators—to innovate ways to promote healthier communities on a local, national or even global scale. In doing so, Johnson & Johnson is trying to tap into the years of experience and deep know-how and

New Product Innovation

Challenge A group of veteran entertainment performers and executives saw a need in their market and decided to do something about it. While their expertise in the entertainment industry positioned them perfectly to take on the core business offering, they needed outside assistance in planning how to build the mobile platform that would

Product Innovation Crowdsourcing

Challenge Last year, 4xN’s rug venture, Floorplan Rugs, launched its Kickstarter project RugYourCity to engage artists and architects the world over to create rug designs inspired by New York City. This year, we hosted an open call for entries throughout July on our Facebook page, inviting the public to vote for their favorite

Strategic Planning

Challenge “Thought leadership” gets a lot of traction as a hot concept to drive “innovation,” but often falls short of management’s expectations. One client — a large organization operating within the US — knew that building a new thought leadership team would require more than buzzwords; it wanted a real plan based on

Campaign + Website Design


Challenge The major issues facing us today — the ones that warrant the most attention — are the same ones that we work so hard to avoid. Why? Not because we don't care. Not because we don't know they're important. But often because the truth behind them is scary and complex, and as

Brand Design + Ecommerce Website


Challenge When I moved to Istanbul in 2008, I knew little about rugs. (Mehmet, on the other hand, was raised in the trade.) Yet despite my ignorance, the moment I landed, I started getting requests — requests for information on acquiring rugs, on their quality, where to buy them, how to avoid overpaying,

Product Innovation Crowdfunding


Challenge The biggest question any Kickstarter campaign must answer is: Why will anyone care about this? This was a question we kicked around for months, as it’s an especially difficult one to answer about rugs. Traditional handmade rugs have a rich history interconnected with culture and politics which is often reflected in a

Speaker: Intention Drives Change

Challenge Interfrench is an organization of multi-national and Turkish professionals based in Istanbul that offers an opportunity for like-minded individuals to discuss issues facing professionals and industries operating in Europe. FourByNorth’s head of Design and Consulting, Erin Eisinger, was invited to give the Keynote Address at the club’s June 2012 meeting. Her talk

Corporate Communication Guidelines

Challenge All too often, employees are overlooked as an important audience for companies, when, arguably, they are some of the most critical stakeholders within an organization’s ecosystem. Finansbank recognized the need to approach its communications with its 13,000-member staff in a more consistent, persuasive way, and to do so within its existing infrastructure.

New Service Innovation

Challenge It’s no secret that banking has changed: attitudes, needs and behaviors are rapidly evolving as customers use their tablets, phones and computers to access account information, make payments and manage virtually every aspect of their financial life, without ever talking to a bank employee. Which begs the question: What is the role