Brand + Environmental Design

Challenge Throughout our work with Finansbank’s change program, it was clear they needed a simple way to reflect the brand’s new values and reinforce them with employees. Solution Working with Brandseers, FourByNorth developed an iconic set of brand values that we then applied across a number of applications, including brochures, packages, posters, 3D

Employee Engagement Program


Challenge In some ways, defining an ideal customer experience sounds pretty straightforward: You conduct research to identify what customers want and need, then create desirable, profitable solutions to meet those needs. But even if you could innovate that easily, as any CEO can attest, complexities arise when trying to deliver those "desirable solutions."

Employee Engagement Program


Challenge The Avon Company has earned a rich legacy and success in markets across the globe, and Avon Turkey has been a market leader since its founding. It has brought employment opportunities and products to women across the country and has been successful at achieving its mantra as a Company for Women. But

Website Redesign

Challenge As Altegris expanded its financial offering to clients, so, too, did the number of web properties it was managing.. The result was a fragmented and incomplete story of the value that Altegris’ investments, experience and depth of knowledge had to offer high net worth investors and RIAs. Not only did Altegris want

Environmental Design

Challenge Collectorspace is not only a new venue to open in Istanbul, but it’s a radical new kind of art exhibition space. Haro Çumbuşyan and the founders of collectorspace wanted to pull back the curtain from some of the great unseen treasures of the artworld: private collections. The purpose is not for sale

Website Design

Challenge A new venture’s site becomes the centerpiece of an effort to raise awareness about their offering, build crediblity, and engage and re-engage users over time. Developing a site from the bottom up can be a Herculean task; it becomes a process to define what a company wants to say about itself, its

Winner: Global App Challenge


Challenge When the Avon Foundation for Women and the Institute of Medicine announced its End Violence@Home global contest challenging people to develop easy-to-use mobile or web-based applications to help prevent violence against women and children, we knew we had to act. Solution FourByNorth assembled a team of designers, researchers, and colleagues in the

New Product Design (App)

Challenge Combine hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from with an ever-increasing pool of smart phone, iPad and mobile device owners. A clear need emerged: a way for people to filter through and select the apps that are right for them. Currently, there are only a few ways try to manage the

Website Design

Challenge Every second-hand car buyer has one nagging question on his mind: How can I be sure this vehicle is in good condition? Garanto offers a service to inspect and certify second-hand vehicles, and in doing so, hopes to assist buyers gain peace of mind about what they’re purchasing. Sellers receive a certificate

New Product Design (Web)

Challenge 4xN has been working with a major player in the Turkish e-commerce space to identify unique opportunities and create way forward for a new online gifting experience disrupts the gifting market in Turkey. Solution Some great ideas and experiences are being crafted! Check back later for more announcements.