Environmental Design & Microsite

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Challenge How does a decades-old design center build relationships with the next generation of interior designers? The 2017 Color Experience challenged local interior design students to compete to create the most compelling space using Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year and products from LA Mart Design Center showrooms. A panel of notable judges

Engagement Program + Design

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Challenge Johnson & Johnson’s GenH (Health) Challenge calls upon designers, entrepreneurs, and medical field experts —doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators—to innovate ways to promote healthier communities on a local, national or even global scale. In doing so, Johnson & Johnson is trying to tap into the years of experience and deep know-how and

Website + Mobile Redesign


Challenge Kerry Bodine is an expert on customer experience. Not only has she written a book on the subject that Steve Forbes described as a "need-to-know look at how companies achieve sustainable success in dealing with customers," but she travels around the globe to bring her message and tactics of customer engagement to

Identity Redesign + Naming

Challenge An established family business, RP Brooks & Son has been providing Southern California with luxury outdoor furnishings for the better part of 50 years. As the torch was passed from one family member to another (and no longer a son), Brooks saw it as a chance to update the name and identity

Brand + Comms Design

Challenge The LA Mart in Downtown Los Angeles has a rich history as one of LA’s premiere resources for luxury furnishings and decor. A change in management and re-branding of the building several years ago (now known as The Reef) left former and new customers confused about the direction and offering; was the

Website + Mobile Design

Challenge After twenty years serving as the internal payment processing platform for technology-hospitality company Metglobal, Paytrek knew it had a product that was tried, tested and honed to deal with global payments. It took the opportunity to spin off from Metglobal to serve the needs of companies around the globe, and needed a

Campaign + Website Design


Challenge The major issues facing us today — the ones that warrant the most attention — are the same ones that we work so hard to avoid. Why? Not because we don't care. Not because we don't know they're important. But often because the truth behind them is scary and complex, and as

Website Redesign

Challenge Promoting the value of creative services to small businesses is always a challenge. Small business owners must carefully balance their need for creative services with their budgets, and often are unsure of how to source and manage creative work. On the other hand, creative professionals are always looking for opportunities to provide

Brand Design + Ecommerce Website


Challenge When I moved to Istanbul in 2008, I knew little about rugs. (Mehmet, on the other hand, was raised in the trade.) Yet despite my ignorance, the moment I landed, I started getting requests — requests for information on acquiring rugs, on their quality, where to buy them, how to avoid overpaying,

Product Innovation Crowdfunding


Challenge The biggest question any Kickstarter campaign must answer is: Why will anyone care about this? This was a question we kicked around for months, as it’s an especially difficult one to answer about rugs. Traditional handmade rugs have a rich history interconnected with culture and politics which is often reflected in a