Thoughtful research, smart ideas, persuasive writing and lots of ways to engage our clients


Liz Waldorf

GOOD Corps
Incredibly resourceful, energetic and full of creative and innovative solutions


Sarah Meier

Lehman Brothers
Profoundly productive. Fantastic attitude...and a willingness to get to work with any combination of people.


Angela Meyer

USPS/ Carnegie Mellon University
Significant contributions with their ideas and services/end products they delivered


Elsa Pekmez Atan

Extreme vigor, vision and attention to detail


Özlem Tuskan

Beyond "current" in their approach to design and style...would love to cross paths with them again


Ali Özgür

Energy, intelligence, versatility and quality


Mike Floreak

Food Writer & Brand Consultant
Gorgeous designs that embodied the spirit of our organization—and seamlessly managed the entire process so that I could stay focused on our business.


Kerry Bodine

Kerry Bodine & Co
Most capable people I have ever worked with


Esra Sertoglu