The Universe

The Universe as Matter Expanding into Nothing that is Something

Posted on March 19, 2013

Stuck In Conventions

Contemporary jewelry exhibit got me thinking about why we choose to embellish the same body parts over and over – iterating on a theme for […]

Posted on February 28, 2013

Inspirations: Design Museum

Took a leisurely stroll on my way to Design Museum this afternoon. Not the most earth shattering exhibits, but sparked some good theoretical thoughts on […]

Posted on February 28, 2013

Inspirations: Milkbar

Inspiring lesson in editing! This new Milkbar in Tünel kept it simple: 4 sandwiches, coffee and some select beverages. No more, no less – good […]

Posted on February 27, 2013

A Great Habit!

designersof: I’ve started a blog where I make things, mostly motion graphics, everyday. Check it out at mattwelch365.tumblr.com

Posted on February 22, 2013

Fight For Innovation

Don’t be nice. Don’t tow the line. Rock the boat. Speak your mind. And prepare to do something scary, risky, exciting and new. You don’t […]

Posted on February 22, 2013

Much More Interesting

The world is much more interesting than any one discipline. Edward Tufte

Posted on February 19, 2013


Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful

Posted on February 18, 2013

Design Is A Plan

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

Posted on February 16, 2013