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A Foreigner Finding Home

I never imagined I’d find similarities in my experiences of moving to a foreign country and learning to code, but when I reflect on the two, they’re impossible to overlook. A native of Zaragoza, Spain, I moved to Istanbul in 2013, and like any stranger-in-a-strange-land, I’ve had my share of clichéd ups-and-downs. I’ve also enjoyed the feeling of independence and new perspective that comes from being completely outside one’s own environment. At about the same time, I first started learning to code. As designers, we’re told that to remain current, we need to master (or at least dabble) in code so that we can have more control over how our designs are expressed. For some designers, this means being able to code well enough to demonstrate how they imagine an interface will behave; for others, this means implementing final front-end code. (Back-end is a whole different animal!)

NYC Subway Map

New NYC Subway Map Elegantly Inspired By Concentric Circles: Gothamist via

Much More Interesting

The world is much more interesting than any one discipline. Edward Tufte


Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful

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