UPDATE: 5 Ways to Survive 2017

Don’t dwell on the negative.

If there was ever a time this was true, it’s this year. Whether it’s in your business or in your personal life, don’t let a failure color your entire year. So you sent a newsletter that had an abysmal open rate. Open up those analytics, look at what people did click on to see what worked. Re-think your subject line (and drop the emojis!). Segment your list even further or find a meaningful gif you can include in the body. The point is: investigate, evaluate, try again.
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Summon your tribe.

When things are bleak, there’s nothing more important than surrounding yourself with the right people. Maybe that means kicking the naysayers to the curb, bringing your loved ones together more frequently, or bringing new talent to the table. (On that note, we make pretty good small talk…)
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Learn to say no.

This time of year everyone tells you to learn to say no so there’s more time for yourself — but it’s also good advice for your business. Perhaps one of the hardest (and most important) things you can do is learn to focus your efforts on things that will yield the most return. If that means shutting down the Twitter account you post to once a month, do it. Let this be the year you feel your time is being spent wisely.
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Be accurate.

If one thing has become clear, it is how easily and quickly misinformation can spread — and the damage it does to individual or companies’ reputations when they share something that isn’t true. CHECK THE SOURCE, and if you’re not sure, DON’T SHARE.
There’s not a fool-proof approach for this yet, but Snopes is a good place to start.

Learn a new skill.

2016’s end-of-year forecasts hold up a revolutionary future: self-driving cars, computers as lawyers, new kinds of commutes, personalized 3D printed shoes designed on a phone, robot farming and new currencies. In the coming years, we’re looking forward to a drastically different world than the one we live in now. There’s no need to panic, but there is cause to plan… So whether it’s taking an online course about a new subject or finally learning to tango, maintain that muscle memory for learning new things.
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Still feeling overwhelmed about what the year — and future — may bring?
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