As a studio, FourByNorth has been dedicated to assisting companies embrace change. Whether that meant fundamental shifts in how they do business or how they tell their stories online, we facilitate transformation. So when opportunity struck for us to transform and grow ourselves, we didn’t shy away from the chance.

The Experiment

Circumstances had shown us that there was room in the US market for a handmade rug company that centered on design, not just as a pattern applied to rugs, but as a way of doing business. So we slowed our stream of regular consulting work and focused on applying what we’ve learned as designers and advisers into quickly creating a lean startup rug company — which is how Floorplan Rugs was born.

We approached the experience of creating Floorplan as an experiment where we could test our ideas in the real world of US retail, challenge and grow our knowledge base and skill sets, and push the boundaries of what a rug company can and should be for the American public.

After a little more than a year, the experiment has born fruit: Floorplan now has two locations serving the greater Los Angeles area. We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to crowdsource and crowdfund a new line of rugs inspired by modern cities, a platform that will only continue to grow over time. We’ve launched an online arm of the company, making our handmade rugs and no-nonsense approach affordable to people across the country. And now that we have a year of insights and experience under our belt, Floorplan is gearing up for another metamorphosis into an even more focused company. (Stay tuned for more)

A Return to Roots

As Floorplan takes its own shape, we are emerging from our self-imposed sequestration as ever more insightful designers and advisors. And one of the biggest changes? Our location. We’ve moved our central office to Los Angeles to be closer to Floorplan, while we maintain a satellite office in Istanbul. (The last year has also taught us to master remote working and project management tools!).  We’ve continued working on select projects in Turkey — partnering with Paytrek and UB Holding to redesign their web experiences — and now are scaling our efforts back up, currently taking on work in the US, Turkey and in Europe.

Expanding Our Reach

We’re also thrilled to announce that with this relocation, our Architectural department will be actively working to develop real estate development and architectural design projects in Los Angeles. With a massive shift in the local real estate scene, in part driven by the growing creative and tech economy in LA, the city is ripe for change.

We’re excited and passionate about this new (and sunny!) chapter of FourByNorth’s journey, and we invite you to come along with us.

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